Below you will find the current list of services, codes and rates set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority 1.

The government has determined that dentists are not allowed to set their own rates. 

Do you need an extensive treatment? Then we would like to make a budget in advance. After we have discussed the treatment plan with you, you will receive this budget on paper from us. So you always know in advance where you stand.

The rates say nothing about the extent of reimbursement from your insurer. We will therefore estimate all treatments above €150 euros for you if desired. You can then check with your insurer which part of the costs is covered.

You can see what this means for you in the list of rates. For questions or information about the rates, please contact us.


The dental bill is made up of the various services that have taken place during a treatment. Each performance is described with a code on the invoice. 

We always provide a quote for a treatment of more than 250 euros. However, we are also happy to provide a quote for amounts under 250 euros, at the request of the patient.

In our practice we are happy to give you all the attention and good care. That is why, for patients with Dutch dental insurance, we have outsourced the sending and collection of our bills to Infomedics. Infomedics is a professional and reliable company that specializes in this.

Do you not have Dutch dental insurance? Then all treatments are charged equally. You can pay contactless at the counter with PIN and most credit/debit cards. You will receive a copy of the proof of payment together with the invoice from us.

Infomedics attaches great importance to the protection of your privacy-sensitive data. The company is therefore ISO27001 certified, just like all service providers that Infomedics engages to create and send your invoice. This certification is reviewed and renewed every year. You can read more about privacy protection at

Your account is made up of the transactions that we have performed during the treatment. Each transaction comes with a fixed rate that is charged by the Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit established.
Would you like to know what rates there are for dentistry? Then take a look

If you want to settle your bill online, our practice needs your email address and your mobile phone number. This information is used by Infomedics to grant you secure access to the online portal where your account is available. When you log in to your Infomedics portal, enter the SMS code you receive from Infomedics. If you prefer to receive your bill on paper, you can set it up on your portal. More information can be found at

Infomedics uses a payment term of 30 days. If you are unable to pay on time, please contact the Infomedics Service Desk as soon as possible on 0900 – 404 94 04 (€ 0.35 per call). They can help you with a payment arrangement.

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us and we will answer all your questions.