Our team

Our team

Find out more about the employees who work at OneWorld Dental. 

Dr. Charmaine Harris-Witting BSc (Hons), BDS, MSc

CEO & Chef de Clinique

Hello, Hi, Hola, Guten Tag, Hello!

I introduce myself as a true citizen of the world from London, England - one of the largest melting pots in Europe. I left my homeland to study and work all over the world, shoulder to shoulder with different types of people, cultures and backgrounds. My special life story and experiences have given me a passion for humanity, so that as a dentist I see not only the teeth, but also the person behind them. You will find openness, honesty and tranquility with me, and my mission is that as a company OneWorld Dental will radiate this also. Starting my own dental practice is a dream come true, and I hope that no matter where you come from, you will feel safe and welcome with us.

Due to my extensive experience in dentistry, you are at the right place for restorative dentistry (fillings), prosthodontics (removable dentures), pediatric dentistry, periodontology (gum treatments), endodontology (root canal treatments), orthodontics (invisible aligner treatments such as SureSmile and Invisalign), and my beloved aesthetic dentistry. Implantology is the newest department in my portfolio - for this I am currently in training at the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam. Together with well-known NVOI recognized implantologists, we provide each customer with a complete treatment menu.

Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish and German.

Samya Akoudad

Paro prevention assistant

Hello, my name is Samya, also known as The Gum Cuddler (it sounds better in Dutch)! 

I come from Amsterdam, and since 2015 I have been working in dentistry, growing professionally through various experiences and continued education. My belief is mainly in "perfect oral hygiene" for which there are many studies looking at the relationship between oral hygiene and general health, which is the core of my everyday work. I find it important to take the time to listen to each of my clients and help the individual to attain the oral care required.

At OneWorld Dental I am responsible for our OneWorld Dental #SharingSmiles for Kids program. This is an initiative where we offer all children (17 years and under) tailor-made support to achieve good general and oral health. In our “indoor garden” we can also do more for children in a calm and relaxing way.

Lanugages: Dutch, Moroccan, Arabic and English.

Monika Kikyova

Paro prevention assistant

Hello, my name is Monika. I find my work as a paro-prevention assistant very interesting and enjoyable. In addition to my studies, I have followed various courses, including Communication in Dentistry. I enjoy the personal contact when working with our clients. It is imperative to listen to my clients so that I can provide the best individual treatment. My motivation is to put patients at ease, because nowadays fear of dental treatment is really no longer necessary! In our modern practice we use the latest treatment methods, we strive for the best in dentistry. I also really enjoy working with children! Together with the parents, I take it my responsibility to explain everything at the level of the child. That's how we grow together.

Languages: Dutch, English, Bulgarian and Serbian.

Asia Aiello

General assistant

As a univeristy student studying antropology, my aim is to broaden my understanding of different practices, values and beliefs around the world, in order to be able to take part in creating and experiencing positive change. Working at OneWorld Dental is allowing me to experience yet another side of our exciting and yet challenging world. I enjoy the interaction I am able to have with our clients from various walks of life.

You will meet me while I’m assisting the dentist, but and at other times I’m working behind the scenes. I am responsible for our OneWorld Dental #SharingSmiles program. This is our local outreach initiative where we offer a complete free dental smile makeover to victims of domestic abuse, those who are overcoming addictions and trying to reintegrate into society through finding employment, or those who have fallen on hard times and are in need of dental assistance. For more information, please write to us at: denhaag@oneworlddental.nl

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Dutch.

Simge Aydin

Trainee: Dental assistant

Hi there! Simge is my name, nice to meet you!

I am currentky working as a dental assistant in training. Here at the practice my job is to assist the dentist, I’m also called the “dentist’s right hand”. Finding the balancing between my personal and work life is a priority. I am a good communicator, and show empathy to both patients and professionals. I have an affinity with children and general dentistry.

Hope to see you soon at our practice.

Languages: Dutch, English, Turkish